Bronze is a new technology that allows music creators to utilise AI and machine learning as creative tools for composition and arrangement. Bronze is also an audio file format which will revolutionise music playback, enabling artists to release non-static, generative, augmented music.

Arca has worked with Bronze to turn her piece Riquiqui into a dynamic, ever-transforming representation of itself.

Entirely conceived in high-end Computer-Generated Imagery (CGI), The Owl in Daylight, 2020, is a new work in motion by Philippe Parreno. In constant evolution, the work is composed of visual sequences and sounds, re-imagined and juxtaposed in real-time by Bronze.

Philippe Parreno, Arca and Nicolas Becker have used Bronze to create a new work which will occupy the lobby of MoMA in New York for the next two years. Echo is a site-specific work involving sound, light and animated physical objects. Described by the artist as an auto-poetic system, the work will exist in the space, responding to itself and it’s surroundings endlessly.



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